Queensland State Awards

It may come as a surprise to you that social media and self promotion is something that is hard for me to do, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, It’s almost all a necessary evil in todays society for people wanting to pursue their dreams in a creative work environment. I am generally a little more reserved than many others and it’s not until a recent photography course that I had the chance to exhibit my work for the first time. I went along to the Queensland State Awards after entering several of my favourite images taken over the past year expecting no more than a catch up with my classmates and a chance to check out all the great work on exhibit. The images were entered into the “Documentary” category and were viewed by a panel of 10 judges dissecting every aspect of each photograph and to my delight two of my images were awarded Silver Awards, granting me entry into Australian Photographer of the year awards and Runner-up Queensland student photographer of the year! The Australian awards will be held in Melbourne on the 25th – 28th August, stay tuned for more.