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Bula! I was greeted with as a long boat approached the shore and a big smiling Fijian ushered me onto the boat with my luggage. This trip to my unbeknownst would become one of the pivotal moments of my life. The first week we were greeted with a category 3 hurricane, a slow moving system which lashed the island for two days straight, boarding up the windows and tying everything down became the norm as we prepared for the worst. Photos were hard to come by and I was beginning to wonder how many opportunities I’d get to be able to do my job (Namotu Island staff photographer). Board games and beers were aplenty as well as the odd “skull drag”, a lethal concoction of five seperate spirits drunk through a skull shaped funnel and snorkel mask dangled vicariously high above your head. Our island food levels started to dwindle as the guests started to question if they’d get a chance to surf, however over the preceeding two weeks we were greeted with two of the best swells I’ve ever seen. A host of the worlds best surfers including, Kelly Slater, Dane Gudauskas, Kainoa Igarashi, Leo Fioravanti and Mitch Coleborn attended, as well as a celebrity appearance from Chris Hemsworth. Those unable/ willing to surf were able to feast there eyeballs on some of the most high performance surfing imaginable and I am so grateful to have been able to capture it as the days unfolded, this is my photographic account of what ensued, Vinaka!