I recently spent two weeks exploring Oahu, our first few days were spent taking in the sites of Honolulu, watching endless crumbling waves ridden by a plethora of punters on ten foot longboards while to sipping down endless Mai Tai’s, a lethal drink comprised of orange Liqueur, Dark Rum and a mix of various juices. When then ventured to the North Shore in pursuit of a good surf and place to burn off our hangover.

There we found our solace, basing ourselves at Turtle Bay and surfing several of the rocky outcrops by the resort as well as Chuns reef, a rippable A-Frame peak nearby. The WSL pro surf tour was in town for their Annual event, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and although we were only able to see fleeting moments of what the Banzai Pipeline is known for, throaty, spitting, perfect waves, it was still an unforgettable time.

Our trip was capped off by a prolific local hike known as ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the 3922 stairs, also known as ‘Haiku Stairs’ bend and stretch to the top of the Ko’olau mountain range and up to some of the islands best views. The stairway was originally made in 1942 by the American Navy for conducting top secret radio work for several years before being decommissioned and used as a tourist attraction. Recent landslides have caused a closure of the stairs which are now enforced by local authorities so we were lucky enough to have a local friend show us a more discreet route to and from the stairs. We began the hike mid afternoon in the hope of catching a good sunset and we sure weren’t disappointed, Hawaii, what a place!